Christian version vs my version.
I tried to give Jesus a more accurate look. Something like “What do you mean I was born to suffer and die for your sins? I really don’t feel like it, you know.”

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Review: “Loved by Heaven, Fouled by Hell” by Konstantine Paradias

This supernatural-themed erotic story follows Lucretia, a wealthy young woman who’s very easy on the eyes. She has the entire world at her feet and has the ability to have virtually every man she wants. Fueled by a seemingly unending desire for sexual pleasure, but feeling disappointed by sex with human beings, she captures a demon and an angel and turns them into sex slaves.

Things take an interesting turn as we delve deeper into Lucretia’s psyche, while she is questioning her own desires. This will lead to a chain reaction of events which will put her own life in stake.

The story is filled with dirty, dirty sex, whether Lucretia is banging some handsome young man or one of her slaves. Those who love fantasy in their erotic fiction should be right at home. Paradias outlines the numerous sex acts with passionate detail. There’s hardly a moment of release, as Lucretia and her male counterparts engage in every single sexual position you can think of, keeping the tension in sky-high levels (Heat Level 3, for those who keep count).

More than just a supernatural-flavored fuckfest, “Loved by Heaven, Fouled by Hell” actually provides a satisfying action-fantasy thriller, with moments that will make your skin crawl. Keep that in mind, erotica writers; there always must be a decent story holding the sex parts together.

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